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In the enchanted vineyards of Bordeaux, where the vines whisper secrets and the air carries the essence of ancient wisdom, emerges a wine destined to transcend time itself – Cuvée Thìn. Crafted by the sorcerer of flavors, Hugues Laborde of Vignobles Invindia, this Bordeaux red is a manifestation of magic in every drop.


Legend has it that within the mystic origins of the Vietnamese people, a dragon and a fairy forged the threads of destiny. The dragon, a celestial being, was the alchemist of rain, a dance of liquid fortune upon the earth. This dragon, symbolic of prosperity and the emperor's grace, now finds its essence captured in the elixir known as Cuvée Thìn.


Tasting Notes: A ruby elixir with aromas of ripe blackberries, spices, and a velvety palate revealing dark plum and blackcurrant.

Limited Edition: Crafted in small quantities, Cuvée Thìn is a rare enchantment, a gift imbued with Bordeaux's ancient mystique.

Perfect Gift for Tet: As Tet approaches, secure your bottle of Cuvée Thìn – a magical start to the Lunar New Year, an invitation to embrace prosperity.

Unveil the Magic: Experience Bordeaux's magic in every sip – trust in the process, believe in the limited magic of Cuvée Thìn.

Château Haut Meyreau, Cuvée Thìn, Bordeaux, France

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