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Get ready to be transported to the sun-drenched hills of Sicily with Arriana Occhipinti's Il Frappato - a wine that embodies the beauty and vibrancy of the Mediterranean. Il Frappato is a true expression of its terroir, crafted from the indigenous Frappato di Vittoria grape variety and made with organic and natural methods that let the grapes shine. With its bright ruby color and aromas of red berries and spices, Il Frappato is a wine that invites you to take a sip and discover its complexity and elegance. Arriana Occhipinti is a rising star in the winemaking world, and Il Frappato is a testament to her talent and dedication to sustainable practices. Whether you're a seasoned wine lover or a curious novice, Il Frappato is a wine that will captivate your senses and leave you wanting more. Shop and taste for yourself why it's our wine of the week at glouglou wine shop!

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