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"Woman and Wine 🌷: Make Every Sip Count this International Women's Day"

As we approach International Women's Day, a beacon of celebration and reflection, Glouglou Wines invites you to partake in a cause that resonates deeply with our core values and community spirit. This year, we're proud to announce our heartfelt campaign, "Woman and Wine 🌷: Make Every Sip Count," a collaboration designed to echo the strength and resilience of women in Vietnam.

A Toast to Transformation

In a world where every action can be a step towards change, Glouglou Wines is thrilled to support the @breastcancernetworkvietnam, an organization at the forefront of breast cancer advocacy and support services. From March 01 to March 07, we're not just selling wine; we're championing a cause that affects millions of lives.

Savor with Purpose

Our campaign is simple yet impactful: 20% of our profits during this period will be directly donated to BCNV. By choosing to indulge in our eco-friendly, carefully curated wines, you're not just enjoying a quality product; you're aiding in the fight against breast cancer. This initiative is a testament to our belief that every sip can carry a profound significance.

Transparency and Togetherness

In the spirit of transparency and unity, we will calculate and summarize the total revenue generated through this campaign and share the results across all Glouglou Wine platforms by March 8th. This gesture is more than just a report; it's a celebration of what we can achieve together as a community dedicated to making a difference.

Join Us in Filling Hearts and Glasses

As we commemorate International Women's Day, let's embrace the opportunity to fill hearts as much as we fill glasses. Together, with every bottle opened and every toast made, we are contributing to a world where support and hope flow as freely as the wines we cherish.

So, let us raise our glasses, not just to the exquisite taste and the joy of discovery but to the women whose lives we aim to touch.

Together, let's make every sip count.

Cheers to making a difference, cheers to you.


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