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WINE SHEET: Boutinot, Lieux Perdus, Côte de Thau, France


Winery: Boutinot

Wine Name: Lieux Perdus

Region: Côte de Thau, France


Description: Lieux Perdus by Boutinot is not just another pretty pink rosé; it is a Pinot Noir rosé with substance. Delicate and dry, this wine captivates with its balanced flavors, inviting you to savor glass after glass. It invites you to unwind, dig your toes into the sand, and escape from the worries of life.


Tasting Notes: Lieux Perdus is a delicate rosé crafted using the classic rosé de presse method, combined with white wine vinification techniques. The result is a wine that showcases the aromatic finesse of Pinot Noir without tannins, while retaining its freshness through screwcap bottling.

  • Appearance: A light, pretty pink color that captivates the eye.
  • Aroma: The nose reveals inviting aromas of strawberries, enticing the senses.
  • Palate: This rosé delights the palate with creamy red fruit flavors that are well-balanced. The bright finish brings forth hints of blackcurrant, leaving a refreshing impression.


Winery Information: Lieux Perdus is produced by Boutinot, a respected winery known for their commitment to quality. The grapes for this wine are sourced from vineyards near the famous "Bassin de Thau" and the village of Pezenas, both renowned regions in Côte de Thau, France.


Label Artwork and Inspiration: Lieux Perdus, meaning "Lost Places," aims to evoke a sense of escapism and freedom. To capture this essence, Boutinot commissioned artist Timothy Birch to create the artwork for the label. Their in-house design team transformed the artwork into a captivating label that encapsulates the spirit of the wine.


Production Method: Lieux Perdus is crafted using a combination of the classic rosé de presse method and white wine vinification techniques. Pinot Noir grapes are gently pressed to extract the desired color without the presence of tannins. The grapes undergo a cool vinification process to preserve the delicate aromatics and flavors. The wine is then bottled under screwcap to maintain its freshness.


Lieux Perdus by Boutinot offers a light, dry, and pretty pink rosé experience. With its delightful strawberry aromas, creamy red fruit flavors, and a bright blackcurrant finish, this wine invites you to indulge in its refreshing character. Let it transport you to a place of escapism and free-spirited enjoyment.

Boutinot, Lieux Perdus, Côte de Thau, France


    Winery: Boutinot
    Appellation: IGP Cotes de Thau
    Grape Varietals: Pinot Noir
    Vintage: 2020
    Viticulture: Sustainable

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