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WINERY: Telmo Rodriguez

GRAPES: Tempranillo, Navarro, Valenciano, Albillo and others.

REGION: Ribera Del Duero

Organic wine


Since 1998, we have come to appreciate the wine region of the Ribera del Duero in a different way.

It is our belief that the roots of authentic Ribera del Duero’s hark back to the past, and for that reason we are fully committed to the recuperation of villages with great viticultural traditions by planting on their best parcels of land.


From the northern area of Sotillo de la Ribera with its calcareous slopes to the reddish mountains of Pardilla in the south, we chose five villages with different soils and landscapes. We believe that by combining their best elements we can create a unique Ribera del Duero wine.

Our vineyards are a true reflection of the forgotten traditions of the Ribera del Duero. We have introduced the age-old way of planting densities; grafted all the rare varieties from our old vineyards and farmed the vines as bush vines as was always done in the past.


The result is a diverse collection of smallholdings which offer the opportunity to create a Ribera del Duero wine of distinction with all its authentic characteristics.

Today, Matallana has eleven vineyards totalling 21.5 ha distributed across five villages (Sotillo de la Ribera, Roa, Fuentecén, Fuentemolinos and Pardilla). These vineyards are the guarantee of the integrity of our wines.


Area: Ribera del Duero

Villages: Sotillo de la Ribera, Roa, Fuentecén, Fuentemolinos and Pardilla.

Places: El Bosque, La Guiruela, Cascajoroa, Carrahoyales, Los Grijos, La Requina, Herrera, Los Mochos, La Cal, Hoyo Lucas, La Pardilla.

Varieties: Tinto Fino (mass selection of the best vineyards in Ribera), Navarro, Valenciano, Albillo and others.

Viticulture: Old plantation densities, glass vines. Organic viticulture and manual harvest in boxes.

Elaboration and aging: indigenous yeasts. Elaboration in oak vats and tanks. Aging in French oak barrels.

Soils: Great diversity of soils: clay, feldspar reds, petrocalcic, terraces developed from marl, conglomerates and sandstones.

Telmo Rodriguez, Matallana, 2016, Ribera Del Duero, Spain


    Winery: Telmo Rodriguez
    Appellation: DO Ribera Del Duero
    Grape Varietals: Tempranillo & others
    Vintage: 2016
    Viticulture: Organic

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