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Château Haut Meyreau is a vineyard located in the “Entre-deux-mers region” close to Saint-Emilion in the village of Dardenac in Bordeaux wine region. Over time the property has extended its surface, from 5 ha in 1802 to 62 ha today, making it a medium-sized Bordeaux vineyard. They grow high-quality Bordeaux grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot for red wine and Sauvignon for white wine.


Since he took over the estate, Jean-Pierre Derouet has been working along a philosophy of sustainability which encompasses low yields, reduction of chemicals followed by a monitored winemaking process and traditional ageing methods. He makes sure that every single bottle has benefited from individual attention to detail comprising meticulous and precise work so that wine lovers may enjoy all our wines.


With Nu Comme Un Verre we wanted to offer a wine from our Merlot vine in its simplest nature, an explosion of fruit! A pleasant wine, suave, with a warm mouth, particularly fond.

Château Haut Meyreau, Nu Comme Un Verre, Bordeaux, France


    Winery: Château Haut Meyreau
    Appellation: Bordeaux
    Grape Varietals: Merlot
    Vintage: 2021
    Viticulture: HVE - High Environemental Care (French agriculture government label)

    Winemaking: No sulphites added

    suitable for Vegans

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