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A Fantastic Week of Gamay's Expressiveness

Gamay is a light-bodied red wine. This grape variety mostly grows mostly in Beaujolais, France. Gamay wines are loved by many for their floral aromas and how great they can pair with food.

If you would love to try out different Gamay wines, be sure to visit us this weekend at Glouglou for our weekly free tasting. Be sure to get yourself some Gamay's goodness this week with 20% OFF for all Gamay wines.

Our top picks for 9 Gamay wines to try

Marcel Lapierre


Domaine de Fa

Fleurie, "Roche Guillon"

Saint Amour

Beaujolais Villages, "En Bresse"

Domaine Boutinot

Uva Non Grata

Bret Brothers

Men in Bret

Domaine de Sérol

Éclat de Granite

Chez Muron

Domaine Mérieau

Boa le rouge

Are you planning to try out Gamay at your next dinner but not sure which wines to get and how to pair them with food? Let's chat with our sommeliers!

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