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Château Aurore, cultivated entirely in organic farming, has joined the Invindia vineyards since 2013. This 5 Ha estate is located in the town of Moulon, in the heart of the Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur appellation. From our organic cultivated estate, this elegant red wine is the soul supplement of our Bordeaux wines.


This wine received the gold medal in the Bordeaux-Aquitaine wine competition for the 2018 vintage. Château Aurore, which brings organic stone to the Vignobles Invindia building, is located in the town of Moulon, known for its exceptional terroir and its unique hillside exhibition. In Moulon, where wine is a religion, half of the town is occupied by vineyards in the era of Bordeaux and Organic wine Bordeaux Supérieur.

Color/ eye: Very beautiful dark and intense ruby color. Nose: The nose evokes grape marc and cooked red.



    Winery: Château Lamichelle
    Appellation: AOP Bordeaux
    Grape Varietals: Merlot
    Vintage: 2019
    Viticulture: Organic

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